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World Academy for the Future of Women

World Academy Projects

Give Voice to Women Through the Arts

The World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW), through a US State DepartmentCultural Grant from the Beijing Embassy, embarked on an extraordinary newprogram to enhance understanding of American culture and values.  Through this project, Give Voice to WomenThrough the Arts, eleven dynamic women artists, musicians, muralist, and poetsdiscussed and demonstrated how they found and expressed their voices.  Each artist came for five weeks.

World Academy Radio

World Academy Radio showcases the WAFW leadership, alumni, sponsors and more. Topics include the history of WAFW, its program, the results to date and its effects on the lives of all participants, students expectations, their experience and how it helps them on their career path post graduation.

Our mission is to give WAFW an online global voice utilizing audio and social media platforms to help the organization expand on its outreach efforts.

China Gap Year Program

A Gap Year is an opportunity for high school graduates and/or university  students to experience another culture and to widen their perspective while advancing  their academic careers. Students (female or male) who have completed high school, ages 18-23, and have a strong desire to be  engaged in issues that impact world conditions. Successful applicants will be students who are committed to taking action on 1) social issues throughout the world, 2) gender equality, social justice; and human dignity. Gap Year students are also committed to learning Chinese and to immersing themselves in accelerating their ability to communicate and embrace cultural diversity.  College credits are available.

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